A Two-Day Professional Development Workshop: Designing for Future Climates: Resilient Facilities, Communities, and Economies

“A two-day professional development workshop for planners, designers, and other decision-makers, in the beautiful Berkshire foothills”

Date: August 10-11, 2015
Location: The Conway School
332 South Deerfield Road
Conway, Massachusetts
Lead Instructors: Wendi Goldsmith, [Conway ’90], Sustainability Consultant, Founder and former CEO, Bioengineering Group, Salem, MA.Natasha Lamb, [Pinchot ’07], Portfolio Manager, Director of Equity Research + Shareholder Engagement, Arjuna Capital, Boston, MA. With other instructors.
Addressing climate change has often narrowly focused on public policy related to greenhouse gas emission controls and other issues seemingly out of most peoples’ hands.
In this workshop we will highlight specific roles for designers, planners, and project owners — those who help shape the economy’s underpinnings — in improving how buildings, infrastructure, and business processes affect and are being affected by changing climate.
Our investments in the built environment and its energy supplies are shaping future climate conditions. From warming oceans and weather extremes, to urban floods and regional droughts, threats related to climate change pose serious impacts to communities and businesses. 
In the course, participants will learn practical strategies that work, and will explore how to more broadly apply them. Discussions will focus on:
  • How feasible is it to pursue sustainable and climate-compatible pathways?
  • How can thought leaders from business, design, and other relevant fields join forces for improved results?
  • How can we better integrate resilient options into our decision-making?
  • How can we better account for the known risks as well as unknown (or ignored) potential scenarios?
For more information and to register, please use this  link to the website.