Shannon Burke

Shannon is an urban planning professional with more than ten years’ local land use and comprehensive planning experience and ten years’ hazard mitigation and long-term disaster recovery planning.  She has been a leader and contributor on numerous local initiatives, including land use, multi-hazard mitigation, transportation, parks and recreation and environmental plans. Working for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF), Shannon gained extensive experience advising local communities on best practices in integrating hazard mitigation into disaster recovery and other local, regional and state planning programs.  Shannon worked closely with Waterbury, Vermont’s Hurricane Irene Disaster Recovery program leaders, advising regional and local officials about mitigation planning requirements and arranging technical assistance to fund and implement community-supported infrastructure and flood mitigation projects. This recovery program was identified by the American Planning Association (APA) as a best practice for public involvement and project implementation in their recent Planning Advisory Service book, “Post-Disaster Recovery: Next Generation,” published in December 2014.  Shannon has been a tireless advocate for the integration of mitigation planning into disaster recovery plans.

Shannon has a Master of Science degree from the University of New Orleans’ College of Urban and Public Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Louisiana State University.  She worked for the City of New Orleans Mayor’s Office, the City Planning Commission and surrounding communities in the Greater New Orleans area in planning and government administration.  Shannon also worked as a subcontractor, developing the Environmental Impact Statement for the Canal Street Car spine and worked with a team to develop a Citizen Participation Program in collaboration with the City of New Orleans.  This program is currently used to solicit public input on city land use proposals.