Ms. Robison is a program manager and consultant with progressively responsible leadership positions supporting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), US Department of Homeland Security, resilience, and infrastructure protection projects. She manages a nationwide $600 million FEMA contract to provide the production of engineering and mapping data/products and services for the National Flood Insurance Program and for the agency’s recovery efforts for declared disasters. Ms. Robison’s FEMA Risk MAP program experience combines roles on the production and technical side and the program management side regarding hazard/threat identification, risk assessment, risk communication, and helping clients select mitigation steps to reduce risk. She has a diversity of relationships built over time with multiple FEMA branches, contractors, and dozens of program stakeholders, including associations and other organizations. Ms. Robison applies management consulting background to optimize operations for effectiveness and efficiency. Her facilitation and leadership skills aid clients in bringing together subject matter experts, key managers, and industry players to investigate/solve challenges.