Deborah Gordon Mills

Deborah Mills has served Dewberry for three years in Dewberry Consultants working in the floodplain mapping program and for the past two years in the Emergency Management Disaster Mitigation (EMDM) business unit focusing on FEMA Hazard Mitigation Technical Assistance task order management along with state and local hazard mitigation planning services nationwide.  Deborah has served the ASFPM Board of Directors as the Mitigation Committee Co-chair for the past eight years. Recently, she joined the National Hazard Mitigation Association’s Mitigation Committee and serves as a liaison to ASFPM on hazard mitigation issues. She has been a supporter of the NEMA Mitigation Alliance from inception; first as the Virginia Recovery & Mitigation Director and now as ASFPM Mitigation Committee Co-chair.

She retired from the Commonwealth of Virginia following 30 years of service, most recently as the State Hazard Mitigation Officer. She was the Director of the Recovery and Mitigation Division of the Department of Emergency Management where she managed a staff of recovery project and planning specialists that manage Commonwealth disaster recovery operations.  Her degree is in Forest Resource Management and Forest Engineering from West Virginia University.  She served 10 years for the Virginia Department of Forestry, 13 years in water pollution management and seven years in floodplain management and disaster recovery programs.  She assisted the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Mitigation Program for a month in Biloxi following Hurricane Katrina through the Emergency Management Assistance compact.  She has served 16 post-disaster field operations in Joint Field Offices. Deborah is active in her downtown Richmond neighborhood, gardens and builds disaster resistant Lego structures with her god children.