AGCI Risk & Resilience Workshop Update

Aspen Global Change Institute Materials

Several of us have been working with the Aspen Global Change Institute to discuss Resilience. The NHMA contribution has been to primarily in three areas:

a) promoting the idea that any concept of true Resilience must include a strong component of Disaster Risk Reduction [including Hazard Mitigation/Climate Adaptation/Floodplain Management];
b) emphasizing the strong legal, moral and equitable foundation of higher community development and planning standards that support Disaster Risk Reduction;
c) ensuring that any discussion of Resilience or Sustainability always includes the “Whole Community” most especially including underrepresented or otherwise disadvantaged persons and communities.

The Kresge Foundation provided additional resources to AGCI to develop outreach to diverse communities of practice working on resilience.

  • Fostering Dialogue to Support Community Resilience  [pdf] .. [pptx]


  • The Possibility of Resilience: Guiding Principles for More Just and Resilient Communities    [pdf] .. [pptx]


For both of these themes, AGCI has produced fact sheets and presentation slides will be posted on the NHMA website shortly, if they are not already there.

AGCI wishes to enable anyone interested in sharing key themes from our Resilience Project to use these materials their own work. Each feature some direct insights from practitioners working on the ground. We welcome all of you to incorporate and share as you find useful. They will be organizing these resources on a project webpage still undergoing some development:

AGCI would love to hear positive and critical feedback! Contact them directly or let Ed Thomas know if you have thoughts.