BRIC NOFOs Announcement

BRIC NOFOs Announcement:

Federal Award Information

  1. Available Funding for the NOFO: $500,000,000
  2. State/Territory Allocation Subtotal: $ 33,600,000
  3. Tribal Set-Aside Subtotal: $ 20,000,000
  4. National Competition Subtotal: $446,400,000

Any funds that are not awarded from the State/Territory Allocation or Tribal Set-Aside will be re-allocated to the national competition.

Notice of Funding Opportunity FY 2020 Flood Mitigation Assistance_7.16.20-508compliant
FY 2020 BRIC Notice of Funding Opportunity_072920_508compliant

State/Territory Maximum Allocation & Activity Caps $600,000

The maximum allocation for a state or territory under this category is $600,000, covering all activities/projects.

Each state/territory may apply for up to $600,000 in the State/Territory Allocation. The State/Territory Allocation may be used for C&CB activities and/or mitigation projects. The combined cost for any C&CB activities and/or mitigation projects under the State/Territory Allocation must not exceed $600,000 federal cost share per Applicant. Additionally, the Applicant’s highest ranked subapplication (C&CB activity or mitigation project) for the State/Territory Allocation must not exceed $600,000 federal cost share.

Up to $300,000 of the State/Territory Allocation may be used for mitigation planning and planning-related activities per Applicant.

Up to 10 percent of any subapplication may be used for information dissemination activities, including public awareness and education (brochures, workshops, videos, etc.) related to a proposed C&CB activity or mitigation project.

The NOFOs are on the website.