Call for participants: 2015 European Climate Change Adaptation Conference

2015 European Climate Change Adaptation Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, May 12 -14, 2015: panelists or paper presentations welcome

Session Title: A “Whole Community” Approach to Storm Water and Floodplain Management: Ensuring a Safe and Resilient Future

Session Moderator: Dr. Michèle Companion, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, USA

Session Abstract:  The storm water and floodplain management communities often operate independently of input from the climate adaptation community. They are also separated from community development specialists, the planning and mitigation experts, the emergency management community, and people in the legal field. These separate silos or “cylinders of excellence” often constrain the exchange of information and ideas necessary to craft best possible local solutions for reducing the growing toll of misery caused by improper and unsafe construction in areas subject to foreseeable natural events. This has implications for community development, food access, livelihood survival, physical survival, and various forms of cultural survival. It is critical for experts to recognize the need for higher standards for community development/building construction/infrastructure development in this era of climate change/variability.
The objective of this session will be to bring experts in these different realms together for a broader discussion of commonalities and to further the development of “best practice” models. Each formal participant in the session will give a 10-15 minute presentation about their area of expertise. The moderator will facilitate a discussion between the presenters and the audience. This purpose of this will be to begin the dialogue on opportunities to collaborate, develop common language to facilitate those collaborations, and to start sharing opportunities for mitigation. The session will include at least 5 presenters.