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Edward A. Thomas, Esq. is a NATIONAL TREASURE

National Treasure Award hereby declares that

Edward A. Thomas, Esq. is a NATIONAL TREASURE

Ed Thomas’s successful lifetime of work includes leadership

in hazard mitigation and management in more than 200 disasters,

including service as the President’s federal coordinating officer dozens of times.

As an attorney, lecturer, and author, Ed is a noted authority

on wise land use, safe community development, and prudent planning.

As NHMA president, he has lent his vast knowledge, his broad vision, and great heart

to help create a nation of communities that are safe, sound, and livable.

Ed Thomas is succeeding in his efforts to make the world a better place

and is, indeed, a National Treasure.

Awarded this 16th day of July, 2013,at Broomfield, Colorado.

       JoAnn Jay Howard                               Ann Patton

NHMA 1st Vice President                          NHMA 2nd Vice President

SIU post-graduate position available in natural hazard mitigation

Post-graduate (post-MS, PhD, or post-doctoral) position in:

GIS-based Natural Hazards and Mitigation Research

A research position in GIS-based hazard modeling and disaster planning is available at Southern Illinois University (SIU).  An active project manager and researcher is sought to join a team working with large geospatial databases and GIS in order to assess natural and select technological hazards.  Funding is from ongoing grants from FEMA to quantify hazards, in particular flooding, and model and promote different mitigation solutions.

The position is at the post-graduate level (complete MS or PhD in hand) and may take the form of either (1) a full-time staff position (SIU “Researcher II”) or (2) a full-time post-doctoral research position (same assignment and salary as Researcher II), or (3) a doctoral student assistantship (50%) while the student pursues a PhD at SIU.

The central requirement of this position is advanced knowledge and experience using ESRI’s ArcGIS software package.  The successful candidate will document experience in manipulating complex GIS datasets in ArcGIS, applied to flooding, floodplain management, natural hazards analysis, or a related area.  The successful candidate will manage geospatial databases, conduct GIS-based modeling, and may teach course modules and train graduate and undergrad students in GIS.  

The successful applicant should have the following:

  • A Masters or PhD degree in GIS or geospatial applications, preferably in geology, geography, hydrology, or engineering, including 3+ years of GIS experience.
  • Advanced knowledge and experience with ArcGIS and other ESRI products.
  • Ability to manage and integrate large and complex geospatial datasets.
  • Strong potential for academic growth demonstrated by: journal publications, scientific meeting presentations, funding proposals, and/or technical reports completed or in progress.
  • The successful candidate must be fluent in written and spoken English.

Other possible supplementary skill and research interest (not required) may include:

  • Experience with, or the ability to learn, FEMA’s Hazus-MH loss estimation tool
  • Experience with hydrologic and/or hydraulic modeling
  • Multivariate statistical experience using SAS and/or SPSS

Job Responsibilities: GIS database development, management, and quantitative analyses. GIS-based research and project support.  Loss-estimation modeling using HAZUS-MH software.  Management of hazard mitigation outreach activities, including regional travel.  Preparation, writing, and editing of mitigation plans and other scientific reports and publications.

Job Location and Start Date: Carbondale, IL.  Position is open immediately, with a start-date arranged by mutual agreement.

Salary Range: For full-time position: $2800-$3300/month, depending on degree and qualifications

Expressions of Interest: Interested persons should send a cover letter, CV, 2-3 relevant publications, and names and contact information for 3 referees.  This material should be sent in electronic format to igert@siu.edu no later than August 1, 2013.