February 27, 2013: Adaptation and Flood Mitigation in the Netherlands 

This second-in-a-series webinar featured a presentation and discussion on Dutch flood mitigation and climate adaptation measures. The presentation by Dr. Marcel Stive focused on the second Dutch Delta Committee, convened in 2008 to provide advice on how flood protection measures in the Netherlands must be updated to keep the country dry for the next century in the face of climate change. Practitioners also discussed what lessons and limitations the Dutch approach brings when applied to a U.S. context.

The webinar was presented by the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association’s International Activities Committee and the Center for Clean Air Policy.

  • Presenter: Dr. Marcel Stive, Professor, TU Delft
  • Discussant: Katie Jagt, Civil & Environmental Engineer, Fulbright Fellow in Water Management
  • Discussant: Jessica Ludy, Environmental Planner, Fulbright Fellow in Water Management