New FEMA Resources added to the NHMA Resources Page

NHMA is pleased to announce per request of FEMA’s Community Engagement and Risk Communication (CERC), we have added the following new FEMA Resources to our website:

Think Beyond Flood Maps – a story map highlighting communities that use FEMA data for more than floodplain management ordinances. (Can be found on our Flood Resources page.)

Planning for Future Conditions – a brief guide for local officials and planners that explains the importance of considering future risks. (Can be found on our Prepare page.)

Building Community Resilience with Nature-Based Solutions: A Guide for Local Communities – a resource to help communities make the business case for nature-based solutions. (Can be found on our Incorporating Hazard Mitigation in Recovery page.)

Please view CTP Thinking Beyond FloodMaps Newsletter for a detailed description of each of these resources.