NHMA has successfully submitted its comments to FEMA on 86 FR 21325

NHMA comments on 86 FR 21325 have been publicly posted

NHMA has successfully submitted its comments to FEMA on 86 FR 21325-FEMA Equity RFI. Many thanks to all our members to who contributed to this important submission.

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Document Type: Notice
Title: Request for Information on FEMA Programs, Regulations, and Policies
Document ID: FEMA-2021-0011-0001

The Natural Hazard Mitigation Association is grateful for the opportunity to submit comments and feedback on behalf of its members. The attached comments reflect feedback from the NHMA board and members across the United States. We have also attached our recent White paper on potential solutions towards access to FEMA Grants by improving the BCA tool and policy, which has been coordinated with FEMA HQ staff. We very much look forward to participating in discussions towards improving the equitable distribution of Federal disaster mitigation assistance to underserved Communities.

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