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How to Help those Afflicted by Typhoon Haiyan

Our hearts go out to those afflicted by Typhoon Haiyan. Folks have asked us at the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association (NHMA) how best to help. The simple answer is: send money and prayers.

There will be dozens, possibly hundreds of relief and other Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) involved in ongoing Response and Recovery operations in the Philippines, and elsewhere in Asia.  Please see here for an appended a list of some of the more prominent ones.

If anyone wants to help immediately, donation of money to one of those groups, or to the
American Red Cross (with a designation for Pacific Typhoon Relief) is definitely the best
immediate way. If one wanted to quickly get funds in hand to a relief organization, the
American Red Cross is accepting donations, designated for the
Pacific Typhoon relief.

Thanks for considering how best to help those in need!  

The Natural Hazard Mitigation Association: Purpose & Progress

A Message from NHMA President, Ed Thomas

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