2011 Workshop

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The 2011 Natural National Hazard Mitigation Practitioners Workshop was held in Broomfield, Colorado with the goal of helping to foster a culture of prevention by helping local communities move to “Mitigation on the Ground.”

The focus of the NHMA workshop, which was held in conjunction with the 36th Annual Natural Hazards Center’s Research and Applications Workshop, was to improve hazard mitigation planning at the local level through public/private partnerships to make the nation safer and more disaster resilient.

Topics discussed at the workshop include:

  • Where mitigation is today and where it might go in the future
  • How to get the most from hazard mitigation planning by going beyond the minimum standard
  • How to enable communities to be more in charge of their destiny through mitigation planning and risk communications (i.e., Project Impact)
  • How to create and empower transformational “mitigation champions”

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