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Subject: Save the Date: International Hazard Mitigation Practitioners Symposium

Please Save the Date: International Hazard Mitigation Practitioners Symposium July 16-17, 2013

The Natural Hazard Mitigation Association, in cooperation with the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado, will be sponsoring the International Hazard Mitigation Practitioners Symposium immediately following the Annual Natural Hazards Workshop in Broomfield, Colorado July 16-17, 2013. The Hazards Workshop will be held from July 13-16, 2013. Further information on registration for both events can be found at:


The theme of the 2013 International Hazard Mitigation Practitioners Symposium is “From Grassroots to Global: Reducing Disaster Losses through Mitigation and Adaptation.” This year’s theme is designed to provide insight into innovative best practices for mitigation. As such, the program sessions and training workshops will focus on fresh insights, broad visions, and inclusive management techniques that are fundamentally changing communities at home and abroad in terms of long-term resilience to embedded hazards such as climate change.

Grassroots mitigation means mitigating at the community level and inherent in that is a need to increase participation or involve the “whole community”.  Toward that end, the 2013 Symposium will include: effective mitigation management techniques; participatory and broad-based approaches; useful lessons learned at the individual or community level; and creative collaboration ideas that integrate bottom-up and top down-approaches to mitigation.

While mitigation begins at the local level, we can encourage shifts in focus and attitudes by learning from global success stories. Encouraging changes in practices locally requires education, awareness, and commitment, which is optimal when practices are globally accepted and inspired through affective and rational engagement.

Through the 2013 Symposium we hope to build on the momentum of mitigation through collaboration and networking. By sharing mitigation success stories, symposium participants have the opportunity to learn from each other and some of the nation’s brightest and best Mitigation Subject Matter experts as we collectively struggle with difficult issues such as increasing risk awareness, adapting to environmental uncertainty in a challenging economy, and mobilizing a constituency for sustainable recovery that does not simply reconstruct but actually reduces future risk.

A flyer about the International Hazard Mitigation Practitioners Symposium is attached. Please feel free to distribute further.

Further information about the Practitioners Symposium will soon join the wealth of other information on Hazard Mitigation, Climate Adaptation and Sandy recovery posted on the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association website:



Happy New Year from all of us at the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association!