Assistant Professor of Climate Change Policy

Department of Environmental Science & Policy, University of California, Davis

We are recruiting a 9-month (academic year) tenure-track position in climate change policy at the assistant professor rank.  Potential disciplinary backgrounds include policy sciences, economics, environmental law, and other appropriate social sciences (sociology, anthropology, geography, planning).  Preference will be given to integrative scientists who employ quantitative empirical and modeling approaches, with demonstrated experience in policy engagement and capacity to work in interdisciplinary programs.  The candidate’s research goals should focus on developing and analyzing the effectiveness of climate change policies, including the integration of scientific information into policy decisions and feedbacks between social decisions and environmental change. Ideally the candidate’s research will have international relevance, though other scales are also appropriate (e.g. local, regional, national). Research may focus on the link between climate change and other environmental issues such as water management, energy development, and conservation management.   The successful candidate is expected to fully participate in the Environmental Policy Master’s (EPM) program, and the position will carry a teaching responsibility in the program. The EPM degree is a non-research, experiential MS program where groups of students address complex environmental problems from multiple perspectives (legal, economic, policy, politics, social equitability, technological, scientific).

Application materials must be submitted via the following website: https://recruit.ucdavis.edu/apply. Inquiries: Professor Mark Lubell, Recruitment Committee (530) 752-5880, email: mnlubell@ucdavis.edu. The position will remain open until filled but to ensure consideration, applications should be received by January 9, 2015.