Tsunami Resources

  • Japan Earthquake & Tsunami and What They Mean for the U.S.: Written by Mr. Mike Mahoney (Geophysicist for FEMA NEHRP and Coordinating Committee Member for the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program), this document explains what happened in Japan and what we can do in the U.S. to increase our individual and community resilience from an earthquake and/or tsunami event.
  • National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program: A coordinated national effort to assess tsunami threat, prepare community response, issue timely and effective warnings, and mitigate damage.
  • NOAA – Tsunami Ready: The TsunamiReady Program, developed by the National Weather Service, is designed to help cities, towns, counties, universities and other large sites in coastal areas reduce the potential for disastrous tsunami-related consequences.
  • Tsunami Preparedness for Kids video (English and Spanish): This cartoon available in English and Spanish teaches kids important facts about identifying and responding to the occurrence of a tsunami.
  • Tsunami Ready Toolbox: This toolkit is geared to assist hotels to prepare for tsunamis and consists of a collection of fact sheets and background information papers on subjects like information sources, department close down procedures, beach evacuation, planning of evacuation routes, location of evacuation spots, best practice examples, natural warning signs etc.