2nd Community Resilience Panel Meeting

The 2nd Community Resilience Panel Meeting will take place on April 4-5, 2016 at the University Place Hotel and Conference Center in Portland, Oregon. Additional details about the facility, registration information and a draft agenda are to follow in the coming weeks.

You are encouraged to attend this meeting, to connect and engage community and infrastructure stakeholders from both the private and public sector and help communities become more resilient. The Panel is a forum to achieve broad stakeholder collaboration and consensus around goals and actions needed to achieve community resilience and to derive benefits from that resilience. Active participation in the Panel provides organizations a unique opportunity to:

  • Strengthen resilience of building and infrastructure systems by recommending improvements to standards, guidelines, best practices and other tools
  • Identify information materials and develop products for a Resilience Knowledge Base
  • Recommend priorities and plans to strengthen the resilience of buildings and infrastructure, and work with others to address impediments

The Panel welcomes membership registration by all with an interest in community resilience. Please visit the Panel website at www.crpanel.org for more information. A recording of the first Panel meeting can be found here.  We look forward to seeing you in Portland. If you have questions, please contact resilience@ara.com.