RNN Community Spotlight: September 2016

RNN Community Spotlight: Tulsa, Oklahoma 

The Resilient Neighbors Network (RNN) is a co-mentoring network that offers ideas and feedback to FEMA and other federal partners on how the federal government can help increase community resilience to natural hazards. The RNN advocates and researches ways that communities can work on grassroots disaster resilience and sustainability.

We talked with RNN community member Bill Robison on how being involved with the RNN community benefits his community in Oklahoma.

What community do you live in?    

Tulsa, Oklahoma

How does your community embrace disaster risk reduction? 

Hazard mitigation planning and implementation, The Community Rating System (CRS) and the 100RC program.

Why did your community decide to join the RNN? 

To share ideas and strategies with other RNN communities.

Has your community ever suffered from a natural disaster? 

In the early 80’s Tulsa lead the country with the most declared disasters. Since that time we have become known as one of the most disaster resistant communities in the country.

If so, how did your community prepare/recover from it? 

The city has spent over $500M on flood control projects since that time. Developed and implemented 3 FEMA approved hazard mitigation plans. Achieved a Class 2 CRS rating.

What has your community learned from being a part of the RNN?

The need for pre-disaster planning for post-disaster recovery among other things.

How, in your opinion, can communities benefit from joining the RNN? 

Learning from past experiences and networking with other communities.


A bridge along Highway 377 over-topped by the flooding Washita River near Tishomingo, Oklahoma


Memorial Day Flood Damage 1984


1986 Flood in West Tulsa

Remembering the 1986 Tulsa Flood

There is a 1986 flood commemoration event planned for next Monday which will include a high watermark sign in South Tulsa along Riverside Parkway with an unveiling ceremony Monday morning at 10:00 AM. The event will feature Mayor Bartlett, The US Army Corps of Engineers and the National Weather Service

Travis Meyer with KOTV, Channel 6 did an excellent story on the flood, click here to see the video.

The City of Tulsa also compiled a video that will be up on the City website next week. Here is the link to the city’s website: https://www.cityoftulsa.org

Below is a brochure that the City of Tulsa is mailing to about 3,600 property owners in the areas inundated above the 1% flood level and those in levee protected areas. All this is in an effort to raise awareness that we are still at risk.



To learn more about the RNN and how it can help your community or to join, please visit our website at: http://resilientneighbors.com/