A Message from NHMA President Ed Thomas

A Message from NHMA President Ed Thomas

December 7, 2014

Hi. I very much hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting into the Holiday Spirit!

  1. Giving to NHMA.

With Holiday Spirit in mind, I hope that each of you will seriously consider taking advantage of the Season’s spirit to make a generous donation to the work of NHMA. It is easily done on line at: www.nhma.info

This year one of our NHMA Board Members has offered to match all donations to NHMA made through December 15! Thus your contribution to NHMA’s work would effectively doubled!

  1. Volunteers

Those of us receive this message believe in the need for Disaster Risk Reduction through hazard mitigation, climate adaptation and safe & proper development. All of us can support the work of our entirely volunteer managed and conducted efforts through some combination of time, talent and treasure. The treasure part is covered in the paragraph above.

Time and Talent participation comes through volunteering to help in some fashion, as an active NHMA Committee Member, as a Committee Chair, or a Board Member. The NHMA Nominating Committee has been working very hard to assemble a really wonderful list of candidates for the NHMA Members to vote on for NHMA Board seats. Additional volunteers are needed for important and responsible work for everything from a Board Position to Committee Chairs. Newsletter Editor(s) are also much needed.

Please consider volunteering!

Let me know if you have an interest in our work to reduce the increasingly awful, and unnecessary toll of damages, misery, loss of life and waste of resources caused by poor community development practices in areas subject to foreseeable natural events.

  1. NHMA Membership

Some of you being sent our weekly updates have not renewed your NHMA Membership yet this year. Please do so!

Membership renewal can be easily done on line at www.nhma.info

  1. NHMA Annual Report

We will be taking some extra time to do an NHMA Annual Report this year. All of you are invited to document any activities you conducted on behalf of NHMA in 2014 This Report will be used in multiple ways, including informing members and would be members of our activities, fundraising and documenting best practices.

Please take a few minutes to let us all know of the fine Disaster Risk Reduction/Hazard Mitigation/Climate Adaptation activities you carried out this year.