Tim Lovell

Tim Lovell has been the executive director of Tulsa Partners, Inc. since 2004, overseeing a variety of initiatives related to mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery and sustainability.  He was recruited by the City of Tulsa Project Impact office in May 2000, after nearly 20 years of experience developing public-private partnerships with faith-based and community-based organizations in the areas of social service ministry, community revitalization, and historic preservation.

Building on the existing multi-hazard mitigation activities of the Tulsa community, Mr. Lovell utilized partners to implement grants promoting tornado saferooms. He assisted in the creation of Tulsa Partners, Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit agency designed to support the building of a disaster resistant and sustainable community. He also oversaw the process that created the Tulsa Citizen Corps umbrella of homeland security volunteer programs.  He negotiated a partnership with a local McDonald’s cooperative that led to the 2003 Tulsa McReady initiative, later expanded statewide under the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and other partners.

Mr. Lovell leads Tulsa Partners’ current outreach activities under three core programs:

  • The Disaster Resistant Business Council, focused on business and nonprofit continuity of operations;
  • The Language and Culture Bank, focused on the integration of diverse grassroots language and cultural groups into a community’s emergency response; and
  • The Millennium Center for Green and Safe Living, focused on low impact development and sustainable, disaster-resistant construction.

Mr. Lovell has a Master of Management degree in Nonprofit Administration.  He is a founding board member and current Secretary of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association, and chairs the NHMA Disaster Resilient Communities Committee.

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