The Disaster Risk Reduction Ambassador Curriculum (2017)

Working to meet the needs of communities and organizations seeking no or low-cost assistance in development of multi-hazard mitigation planning, building a strong, equitable, legal and ethical basis for safe development, redevelopment and adaptation, the Ambassador idea is based on sound social science and experience: empowering and supporting local champions and community engagement.  The Curriculum is set of modules designed for use as self-study or presentation with supporting materials and links to the Roadmap to a Disaster-Resilient Future. 

NHMA is pleased to announce that a pilot roll-out for professionals with a sharp eye for practicality was successful in April 2017 in Harrisburgh, PA, hosted by the State, and the videos of presentations are working through post-production as of this writing.  The NHMA website will announce availability, and the curriculum design is posted:. 

View: BuildingYourRoadMaptoDisasterResilientFuture  the 508 compliant version