Katrina@10 Summit – Student Poster Session – Friday, March 27, 2015
University Center Ballroom

Submission Guidelines


  • All current undergraduate and graduate students or students whose work was completed at UNO may participate.
  • All disciplines within the College of Liberal Arts may participate.

Poster Themes

  • Student posters should focus on “rebuilding a resilient region.” Posters should reflect research and work that responds to Hurricane Katrina, examines or responds to how the city or region has recovered or changed in the last 10 years, or reflects on what needs to or might happen in the future. The topics of the summit sessions are below. Please contact us if you have questions.

Summit Themes

Session themes include the following:

  • Are we ready for the next big one? The coast, disaster preparedness and resilience 10 years later
  • New Orleans cultures as life and work: Continuity and change in food, music and everyday life
  • Place, preservation, and disaster: Historic preservation and tangible cultural resources in an uncertain environment
  • Rebuilding a new New Orleans? A decade of urban change in housing, transportation and economic development


Students who wish to participate in UNO’s Katrina@10 Summit must first submit an abstract (or project summary) for review. Please send the abstract to chart@uno.edu.

The deadline for submitting an abstract is: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 (11:59 PM Central Time)

The abstract is a condensed version of your project. By reading it, the committee should understand the nature of the research question investigated or the work created. Although the content will vary according to field and specific project, all abstracts must:

  • Be written using complete sentences in paragraph form and not as a bulleted list
  • Have a title that should be appropriate
  • State, in clear terms, the central research question or creative work and the purpose of the research or work
  • Provide a brief description of the research methodology or artistic statement
  • Provide results
    • Include the conclusions reached or, if the research is in progress, what the preliminary results of the investigation suggest, or what the research methods demonstrate; creative projects must include the educational, aesthetic, or other important qualities of the work
    • Be well organized
    • Be no more than 250 words in length (not including title and authors)

All abstracts should be submitted via chart@uno.edu.  All abstracts will undergo review by a committee of faculty members based on Summit themes. There is a limit of one abstract submitted per primary presenter.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

  • Poster presentations are displays on poster boards and must be prepared in advance.
  • Each presenter is provided with one side of a freestanding display board. Posters should be no more than 48 x 36 inches to fit on the display board.
  • Pushpins will be provided for mounting posters on the provided display boards. No other mounting method is acceptable. Posters must be light weight so that they can be secured using push pins.
  • Posters must be readable from at least three feet away.
    • Required elements of the poster include: Title (font at least 2” high), Authors, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions, Literature Cited. All text should be easily read from 3 feet away from the poster.


Wednesday, Feb 11, 2015 (11:59 PM CST)               Abstract due date

Friday, Feb 18, 2015                                                      Notification of acceptance

Friday, March 20, 2015                                                Submission of poster/art

Friday, March 27, 2015                                                Katrina@10 Summit (University Center)