Adaptation Committee


This committee will foster connections between hazard mitigation and adaptation communities of practice to help enhance local community resilience to extreme weather and a changing climate. NHMA is collaborating with the Center for Clean Air Policy on these issues.


  • ·         Understand the problem. Highlight gaps and overlaps between the hazard mitigation and adaptation communities. Improve the understanding of information, policy, and technical assistance communities need to integrate climate adaptation and hazard mitigation efforts.
  • ·         Foster connections. Find tangible ways to build new and strengthen existing connections between the hazard mitigation and adaptation professionals.
  • ·         Integrate solutions.  Encourage professionals to identify scientific, technical, policy, and operational solutions that incorporate hazard mitigation and adaptation into local planning efforts.
  • ·         Inform policy. Educate and outreach to help facilitate design of local, state, and national decision makers integrate both hazard mitigation and climate adaptation into short- and long-term planning efforts.

Suggested Methods

  • ·        Research specific examples
  • ·        Host sessions at existing workshops
  • ·        Host national workshop sessions
  • ·        Write Papers/reports
  • ·        Host webinars

Committee Members

Chair: Shana Udvardy, CCAP
Mike Antos, Council for Watershed Health
Elizabeth English, Professor at Waterloo
Jordan Fischbach, RAND Corporation
Josh Foster, Oregon State University
Melanie Gall, Claflin University
Jessica Grannis, Georgetown Climate Center — Georgetown University Law Center
Laurel Hunt, MC-4 & Council for Watershed Health
Alessandra Jerolleman, Executive Director and Founder of NHMA
Tim Lovell, Tulsa Partners
Vanitha Sivarajan, Model Forest Policy Program
Ryan Towell, The Climate Reality Project
Ed Thomas, President of NHMA
Hal Needham, SCIPP & Coastal Sustainability Studio
John Duffy, University of Alaska Fairbanks

  • Please click here for climate change resources. NHMA climate change and climate adaptation webinars are available at the Publications -> Presentations link at the top of the page.
  • Slides and a recording have been posted, and we plan to continue the conversation through future webinars.  The webinar was also covered by ClimateWire.