NHMA Education Committee

The mission of the NHMA Education Committee is to stimulate and inspire individuals and communities to take actions that enhance safety and reduce future damage from natural hazards.

Hazard mitigation community education can help build a foundation for partnerships and investments in better ways to live with the forces of nature. The ultimate goal is to create disaster resistant and resilient communities.

With your help, our group can help find answers to basic questions:  In communities that have faced a similar risk, what have they learned about what can be done? How have they made progress? How can our community get organized to take action?

We invite everyone to help assemble, maintain and share a library (on www.NHMA.info) of success stories that demonstrate the benefits of wise hazard mitigation investments. Please share your favorite examples of existing hazard mitigation “Best Practices” or “Case Studies” publications. Also, let us know about other new ideas or initiatives that might be useful to someone looking for ways to take effective action. We’ll help shine a light on good work that’s being done in the United States or throughout the world.


  • Share examples of natural hazard mitigation Best Practices and Case Studies publications that may inspire individuals and communities to make investments that may save lives and reduce or eliminate damage to property and the environment;
  • Assist K-12 educators in finding useful and age-appropriate natural hazard mitigation educational materials;
  • Identify and support institutions of higher education that offer natural hazard mitigation programs and / or conduct research, host conferences, and so on;
  • Cooperate with other organizations that have natural hazard mitigation community education components;
  • Encourage local hazard mitigation community education projects.

For examples and useful links visit the Resources section of this website.

Also, please help us improve this collection by suggesting additional publications and/or links to other organizations. 

The NHMA Education Committee contact person is Roger Faris (rogerfaris@hotmail.com)

Education Committee Members

Roger Faris (Chair)
Ann Patton
Bob Freitag
Jeni Farque
Pat Skinner
Bill Steele
Gene Henry
Tom Malmay
Alessandra Jerolleman

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