Roger Faris
(Expert at comparing apples and oranges)

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Seattle, WA 98107

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– I’m determined to be part of the effort to rethink how governments and communities prepare for and respond to disasters. Effective natural hazard mitigation actions can save lives and prevent future dam-age. To want to help promote these activities by participating in hazard mitigation community education programs, partnerships, and journalistic efforts.

I began reporting on emergency management and natural hazard mitigation issues in the early 1990s, shar-ing reports with KUOW Public Radio listeners and writing for the Seattle Press and other newspapers.

My intermittent deployment as a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Writer (and Community Education and Outreach Group Supervisor) has broadened my understanding of past practices and progress in emergency management. For over ten years this work has allowed me to gain “hands on” hazard mitigation experience in disaster affected areas from Alaska to Florida, and a dozen other states in between.

I’ve also taken part in local hazard mitigation initiatives and helped launch the Seattle Project Impact Earthquake Home Retrofit Program, which has provided free classes to homeowners and building profes-sionals for the last fifteen years. This helped me see how local government, citizens, community organiza-tions, businesses and academic institutions can work together in a sustained way to create disaster resistant and resilient communities.

In the distant past I served as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Washington Sociology Department. Then, after five years in construction contracting, I returned to twenty-four years in teaching at Seattle’s Well Home Program. My classes included sustainable and disaster-resistant design, earthquake retrofitting, and a wide range of other home improvement and repair topics. Other components of this unique commu-nity program included a labor exchange, home inspections and a tool library.

Skills Summary

* Writer / Editor * Radio / Television / Video documentary experience * Teacher – Construction and mitigation topics for home / business owners and contractors * Construction background – Projects from covered marinas to custom mouse holes * Emergency management leadership experience * Natural hazard mitigation professional training and teaching experience

Professional Experience

* 2002 – present: Reservist for Federal Emergency Management Agency * 1992 – present: KUOW Public Radio contributing reporter * 1994 – 2002: Seattle Press columnist * 1980 – 2004: Well Home Program Director * 1975 – 1980: LWPD Marine Construction owner * 1972 – 1975: University of Washington Sociology Graduate School