NHMA International Activities Committee   (Join the International Activities Committee Directory)

What is the NHMA’s International Activities Committee?

The International Activities Committee (IAC) was established in February 2012 as a clearinghouse for NHMA-related work that addresses hazard mitigation in international contexts. IAC has expanded its role to establish networks between professionals and organizations engaged in hazard mitigation work, and to share information and support research through its web café series and member publications.  The committee attempts to match up personnel working on related issues and works to support international best practices in hazard mitigation.

Mission:  The International Activities Committee establishes networks between emergency managers and hazard mitigation practitioners worldwide.  We help develop personal and professional contacts between professionals engaged in hazard mitigation work, including emergency managers, decision makers in the public and private sectors, engineers, planners, earth scientists, sociologists, and related professionals. When possible, we provide technical assistance or points of contact for international natural hazards assessment, risk assessment, early warning, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities.

Why Do We Have an International Activities Committee?

NHMA regularly receives queries regarding natural hazard mitigation. The International Activities Committee is NHMA’s attempt to support professionals working internationally in hazard mitigation by providing contacts, information, and possible assistance.

An early NHMA success story of international collaboration involved IAC founding chair Bob Anderson, who assisted with landslide and earthquake hazard assessment and mitigation in Kyrgyzstan.   In early 2010, NHMA was contacted by the Montana National Guard for assistance with a State Partnership Program project with Kyrgyzstan’s Ministry of Emergency Situations. Bob Anderson, an engineering geologist with expertise in landslides and earthquakes, was selected by the Guard along with Drs. Rob Mellors, an expert in seismology from San Diego State University, and Dave Petley, an expert in landslides from the University of Durham in the United Kingdom.  The team spent a week and a half in Kyrgyzstan to assist the Ministry in determining how to assess landslide and earthquake potential.

Such examples of international collaborations represent valuable opportunities to share knowledge and build safer communities. NHMA’s International Activities Committee works to strengthen our network of professionals working in hazard mitigation throughout the world.

Current Activities:  The International Activities Committee provides a  Directory  to help match up professionals working on related issues. We will be hosting web café discussions in 2013, allowing members to share their experiences addressing natural hazards in different countries. We are seeking NHMA members and others who may wish to participate in our activities or wish to propose an activity to us.


Current members of the International Activities Committee include:

Alessandra Jerolleman, NHMA
Dr. Barbara Carby, Disaster Risk Reduction Center, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus
Brad Case City of New Orleans
Caroline Cunningham, Atkins Global
Dr. Dwikorita Karnawati, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
Dr. Eric Frost, San Diego State University Computer Visualization Center
Jeni Farque, FEMA Region 6
Jessica Smith, Michigan Tech
Jamelyn Trucks, FEMA Region 6
Larry Pearce, Canadian Risk and Hazards Network
Luke Bowman, Michigan, Tech.
Matt Stanley, Consultant, New Orleans
Miriam Belblidia, Water Works, New Orleans(Co-Chair)
Molly Mowery, NFPA
Robert Anderson, Alfred E. Alquist (California) Seismic Safety Commission
Roger Faris, FEMA
Sarah Henly-Shepard, University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus
Tom Fahy, Managing Director of Capitol GR, Washington D.C.
Michèle Companion, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs  (Co-Chair)

An Invitation to Join the Committee!

Please consider joining NHMA and its International Activities Committee.  If you are interested in joining the NHMA and/or its International Activities Committee, please contact Alessandra Jerolleman at: agazzo@gmail.com.

Questions may be directed to the IAC Chairs: Miriam Belblidia at mbelblidia@gmail.com or Michele Companion at mcompani@uccs.edu