Discount available on the ABA Community Resilience Handbook!

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A Message from Ed Thomas,
President Emeritus, NHMA:

HI! I am writing to you as friends, associates and National leaders in Disaster Risk Reduction.

After multiple years of discussion, struggle and hard work, the American Bar Association has recently published The Community Resilience Handbook. I am truly honored to have played a role in bringing this book into the marketplace of ideas.

The Community Resilience Handbook” is a guide for lawyers, municipal officials, and other stakeholders seeking to build and strengthen resilient communities.

It presents theoretical frameworks and practical tools to help communities better withstand and more quickly recover from the disruptive events so often wrongfully describes as “Natural Disasters.”

Attached is general  information on this splendid, Handbook. This book provides some community practitioner based insight to what our nation needs to do to break the mounting toll of misery, despoliation and economic losses caused by human failure to properly design, construct maintain and develop buildings, infrastructure so as to withstand foreseeable natural events.

I hope that you will read and promote the reading of this compendium of practical ideas and concepts which can be used to promote the transformational changes our society must make to reduce disaster losses and “Bounce Forward” to a safer much more just and fair Nation.

For those of you who wish to review the book, Francine Bennett from ABA may be able to provide a no-cost electronic version for book reviewers. If you are interested, please contact her at:


Edward Thomas
President Emeritus
Natural Hazard Mitigation Association