What is the NHMA?

The NHMA promotes natural hazard risk reduction & climate adaptation through planning, adaptation, and mitigation. This is accomplished by creating a “Whole Community” forum to:

  • Share ideas and experiences
  • Develop a thoughtful and unified voice
  • Promote greater awareness of the social, economic and environmental components of safe and resilient development
  • Creation of more equitable, safe and sustainable hazard mitigation programs
    so that that foreseeable natural events do not become disasters.

The NHMA promotes steps to reduce the risk and consequences of natural events with a special emphasis on protecting the most vulnerable populations in our communities.

What we are doing!

The Natural Hazard Mitigation Association has launched a special program named Resilient Neighbors Network (RNN) to link together grassroots communities working to become safer, disaster-resilient, and sustainable.

Visit: Resilient Neighbors Network Visit: Post Disaster Recovery
Activity Book For KidsDisaster Risk ReductionBuilding Your Roadmap
Cover page for the Disaster Activity Book for Kids

Available in both English and Spanish

Cover page for the publication Building Your Roadmap to a Disaster Resilient Future

Available in Spanish too!

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NHMA is a 501(c)(3) educational & charitable organization. Contributions are tax deductible in accordance with IRS rules and regulations.