Edward A. Thomas, Esq. is a NATIONAL TREASURE

National Treasure Award hereby declares that

Edward A. Thomas, Esq. is a NATIONAL TREASURE

Ed Thomas’s successful lifetime of work includes leadership

in hazard mitigation and management in more than 200 disasters,

including service as the President’s federal coordinating officer dozens of times.

As an attorney, lecturer, and author, Ed is a noted authority

on wise land use, safe community development, and prudent planning.

As NHMA president, he has lent his vast knowledge, his broad vision, and great heart

to help create a nation of communities that are safe, sound, and livable.

Ed Thomas is succeeding in his efforts to make the world a better place

and is, indeed, a National Treasure.

Awarded this 16th day of July, 2013,at Broomfield, Colorado.

       JoAnn Jay Howard                               Ann Patton

NHMA 1st Vice President                          NHMA 2nd Vice President