FEMA releases a new publication on mitigation measures for existing multi-family structures.

FEMA recently released the National Flood Insurance Program Flood Mitigation Measures for Multi-Family Buildings, P-2037. This publication provides guidance for building owners, designers, investors, builders/contractors, institutional partners, housing agencies and residents, and property and facility managers on flood risk evaluation and mitigation of large multi-family buildings located within floodplains, particularly in urban areas. The publication is also useful for local officials responsible for enforcing floodplain management regulations or building codes.

The focus of the publication is mid-rise and high-rise buildings, although many of the approaches could be applied to low-rise buildings. To help develop and implement a comprehensive mitigation approach, this publication describes the steps and process for developing and applying a mitigation strategy by describing the floodplain management regulatory framework, the process for determining flood risk, potential mitigation measures to address that risk, and information on flood insurance considerations. This publication also provides example scenarios of mitigation strategies for existing multi-family buildings.

FEMA P-2037 is available here. A two-page fact sheet is also available here to help communicate key takeaways from the publication. 

Free copies of the publication should be available via the FEMA Publications Warehouse by calling 1-800-480-2520, Monday – Friday between 8AM to 5P EST, by fax at 1-719-948-9724, or by emailing your request to FEMApubs@gpo.gov. Please provide the title, publication number, and quantity of each publication, along with your name, address, zip code, and daytime telephone number.

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