Job Opportunity: Analyst in Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) Government and Finance Division (G&F) is seeking an Analyst in Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery to serve the United States Congress by providing expertise on issues pertinent to disaster recovery principles, policy, and practices. Work may include design and evaluation of options for Congress to inform the debate on effective disaster recovery strategies, policy options, and measurement.

The ideal candidate will have experience conducting applied analysis that offers actionable policy options for Congress on disaster recovery issues, but also understands adjacent areas of emergency management such as response and mitigation. The candidate will put forth practical, forward-looking ideas to inform the legislative debate on addressing short, medium, and long term disaster recovery. The successful candidate will have a deep understanding of disaster recovery principles, policy, and practices including grants and other economic incentives, stakeholders typically involved in recovery efforts, and methods for measuring progress. Further, the successful candidate will be able to articulate how policy decisions made in any phase of the disaster cycle might affect disaster recovery in impacted areas.

Strong policy research, writing, and presentation skills are essential, as is the ability to work as part of a collaborative team. Experience communicating results with data visualization is preferred. Candidates adept at explaining complex emergency management and disaster recovery principles, policy, and practices that resonate with audiences without their level of expertise are encouraged to apply.

The analyst will engage in all facets of the research process including but not limited to locating and interpreting factual information, preparing objective, non-partisan written products, and providing personal consultation and assistance to congressional committees, Members, and their staff. The analyst will also participate in or lead team research projects and seminars. The analyst is expected to possess and continuously develop the skills to provide policy and legislative analysis and consultation at increasingly sophisticated levels.

CRS is fully committed to workforce diversity. Interested applicants must apply online  
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