Job Opportunity: Post-Doc/Researcher on Post-Flood Recovery & Flood Resilience (Closing date: 3/25/21)

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Subject: Post-Doc/Researcher Opportunity on Post-Flood Recovery & Flood Resilience

Closing Date: Thursday 25 March 2021

Dear All,

The University of Hull has a vacancy for a post-doc/researcher to join their team and work on an exciting new project ‘Mapping the gaps: research into effective post-flood support’ at the Energy and Environment Institute and The Flood Innovation Centre (University of Hull).

The University has recently been awarded additional funding from the Aviva Foundation to undertake research into the effectiveness of post-flood recovery and support and now seeks an excellent research colleague with a relevant PhD to join the team and take the central role in delivering this project.

Researcher (ref AE0210) ‘Mapping the Gaps’: a research partnership to investigate effective post-flood support focusing on the Humber region as a pilot case with the aim to be extensible across the UK in future research and implementation. The work will support efforts to bridge theory and practice in flood risk management and flood resilience. The research explores flood resilience and flood vulnerability, communicating flood risk, and governance arrangements through mixed-methods approaches that incorporate both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods.

Please share this opportunity further within your networks and to anyone who you think might be interested:

Best wishes,

Dr. Steven Forrest
Lecturer in Flood Resilience and Sustainable Transformations
Energy & Environment Institute | University of Hull

Recent Research (Open Access):

Forrest, S.A., Trell, E-M & Woltjer, J (2021) Emerging citizen contributions, roles and interactions with public authorities in Dutch pluvial flood risk management, International Journal of Water Resources Development, 37:1, 1-23.

Forrest, S.A., Trell, E-M & Woltjer, J (2020) Socio-spatial inequalities in flood resilience: Rainfall flooding in the city of Arnhem. Cities.