News Release: Aftermath Moore Tornado

News Release

Release: May 23, 2013

Contacts:  Alessandra Jerolleman,

                    Tim Lovell,

 In aftermath of Moore Tornado, Americans are encouraged to build stronger 

                In the terrible aftermath of the Moore Tornado, many people and media interviews have focused on the impossibility of building stronger in the face of such incredible destruction. Tulsa Partners, Inc. and the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association (NHMA) want Oklahomans, and indeed all Americans, to seize this teachable moment to build in better, safer, and smarter ways.  There are things you can do to make your homes, businesses and schools more resilient in the face of extreme wind events.  Protection from tornadoes and derecho or straight winds has two elements:

         One is a well-engineered Safe Room, where occupants can take shelter in a room, either above or below ground, engineered to withstand even the strongest of tornadic winds and to keep wind-driven missiles from penetrating the walls or ceilings.

        The other is building with, or retrofitting with, techniques and materials that lend structural strength and wind resistance to the building itself. Most such features are not designed to withstand direct assaults by strong tornadoes, but can lessen damage in less severe storms or in situations when a building is along the edges of a strong tornado’s path.

Take the time to talk to your employers, school administrators, and others – encourage them to learn about protection from high winds, and educate yourself on their current plans.                  

Tulsa Partners works with a number of national nonprofit organizations with expertise on tornados and disaster resilience.  One of them, NHMA, has set up a webpage, that provides critical information from a variety of sources concerning measures to make your property stronger. 

“Local communities have learned, over many disasters, that it’s important to take time now to plan for a safe and sustainable future,” said NHMA President Ed Thomas, who leads NHMA’s membership of experts in disasters and safe building (hazard mitigation). “Now is the time to invest in mitigation, for a better future.”

The sources include other national organizations with which both Tulsa Partners and NHMA collaborate, such as the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, and the National Storm Shelter Association.

“Tulsa Partners is happy to join the knowledge of our local experts with the resources of these important national organizations,” said Megan Quickle, President of Tulsa Partners, Inc.

            Please review these important mitigation measures on the NHMA webpage.  You can also visit the preparedness page of the Tulsa Partners website for business continuity, mitigation and preparedness information at .        

            Tulsa Partners, Inc. is a nonprofit organization incorporated in December 2000. Tulsa Partners mission is to mobilize all segments of the population to build a disaster-resistant, sustainable community.

            The Natural Hazard Mitigation Association (NHMA) was founded in 2008 to bring together individuals and organizations working in the field of hazard mitigation. NHMA serves as a respected voice in hazard mitigation policy both in the United States and throughout the world.

Alessandra Jerolleman, CFM, MPA
Executive Director
Natural Hazard Mitigation Association  504-914-6648

Tim Lovell, Executive Director
Tulsa Partners, Inc.
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Additional information about the Moore tornado available at: NHMA Moore Tornado information page.