Please Remember NHMA on #GivingTuesday! (November 30, 2021)

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Please remember NHMA in your charitable giving this year and every year!

Please join us in supporting the NHMA goal of reducing disaster misery through local action.

The best form of disaster Relief is no disaster relief, because a foreseeable natural process of this planet did not result in human suffering, damage to people and the environment and vast waste of resources. NHMA seeks to inspire, educate and inform about safer development and redevelopment so that harm from natural disasters are prevented; or at least do not reoccur. To engage in this effort, we need resources in addition to our volunteer donated time and effort. This effort, Disaster Risk Reduction, cuts across all political fear and hatred; it unites us in a common cause.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our 501 c 3 Educational Charity to assist us in spreading a non-political message of Disaster Risk Reduction, based on good sound community development decision making, including better and safer building codes, improved zoning and a Whole Community approach to development and redevelopment that fosters a better, more just and fair future.

Thank you for your support!