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  • Build Back Safer & Smarter 9 Steps:   The hearts and prayers of all of us at the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association go out to the many people, businesses and communities currently suffering from the damages being inflicted by Hurricane Florence.”
    We also have an important message for affected residents and communities.  Please do not rush to go straight back to “normal.” Take steps now, to build back safer, smarter, and in a manner designed to reduce misery for future generations. Rebuild so the danger and damage from the next disaster will be lessened.
  • The “10 P’s” of Post-Disaster Recovery:  “During this difficult time Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Ambassadors maintain focus on identifying and implementing opportunities to reduce risk of future disaster damages.”
  • Post-Disaster Financing Guidance: Post-Disaster Funding Sources for Resilient Recovery.  “After immediate community needs are addressed, recovery efforts can focus on mitigation actions that reduce the effects of any future disaster and lead to more resilient recovery.”
  • Well begun is half done: Higher Standards for Future New Development or Redevelopment. “One way to accomplish disaster risk reduction is by making better land-use planning decisions regarding where development should and should not be allowed.”

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