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The Principal Presentations Which The Natural Hazard Mitigation Association Typically Tailors for an Audience and Delivers Are:

A) Workshop on “Protecting the Property Rights of All”.

This is the usually about a one and a half to four or more hour Workshop. It has been delivered more than 300 times around the country in various formats and lengths. It was delivered as a live meeting and national webcast at numerous national and international conferences, workshops and fora.

The Workshop suggests that Mitigation & Climate Adaptation are a better choice for state and local government than Litigation. The Workshop recommends a “Safe Development” approach to a unified Hazard Mitigation Climate Adaptation Program; based on ancient principles of property law, morality and equity.

This workshop fits very nicely into the FEMA Risk MAP vision of using the Flood Insurance Program and its Community Rating system as the basis of future planning. This Workshop is often used as a keystone in a day long or multi day series of presentations on Hydrology, local floodplain management, storm water management.

In 2012 special two day variation of this Workshop was presented in both Utah and Arkansas. In 2013 a variation of this Workshop was presented at Statewide Training Session in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

In 2013 a week long series of multi-discipline series of legally orientated lectures and multi-jurisdictional team building sessions were developed and deployed for the State of Montana. Those sessions have served as a catalyst for ongoing mutual learning and training after the workshop (the workshop as catalyst.

B) “Patchwork Quilt”.