Selected Hazard Mitigation & Floodplain Management Legal Publications

A)   Turning Koontz into an Opportunity for More Resilient Communities, by Edward A. Thomas Esq., and Lynsey R. Johnson J.D., in National Wetlands Newsletter, March/April 2014, vol.36, no.2. Located on the American Bar Association Website at:

B)    “Natural Hazards and the Law”, by Edward A. Thomas Esq., in Natural Hazard Mitigation, edited by Kiefer and Jerolleman, CRC Press, 2013

C)   Reforming Federal support for Risky Business, Authors: David Conrad and Edward A, Thomas Esq., in 15 Ways to Rethink the Federal Budget, Edited by Greenstone, Harris, Li, Looney and Pastashnik, Brookings Institute Hamilton Project, 2013. Located at:

D)   Planning and Building Livable, Safe & Sustainable Communities: The Patchwork Quilt ApproachAuthors: Edward A Thomas Alessandra Jerolleman, Terri Turner, Darrin Punchard, and Sarah Bowen, Natural Hazard Mitigation Association, 2013.  Located at

A PowerPoint Presentation of the Patchwork Quilt Workshop as presented at the National Floodproofing Conference in New Orleans in November 2008 is located at:

E)    Climate Change and Emergency Management: Adaptation Planning, Authors: Edward A Thomas and Terri Turner, American Bar Association, Section of State and Local Government, State and Local Law and News, Vol. 34, No. 3, Spring 2011.  Located at:

A similar presentation on climate change and emergency management was delivered at the 2012 Hawai’i Water Law Conference. An expanded version was delivered at a national webinar sponsored by the Georgia Association of Floodplain Management and the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association. The webinar is available on line at:

F)    Preventing Human Caused Disasters. Authors: Edward A Thomas and Sarah Bowen, In the Natural Hazards Observer, November 2009, Volume XXXIV, Number 2, International Journal Article, explaining the concept of Patchwork Quilt as well as advocating the idea of the advantage of Hazard Mitigation preventing disasters from taking place.  Located at:

G)   Mitigating Misery: Land Use and Protection of Property Rights Before the Next Big Flood. Authors: Edward A. Thomas Esq. and Sam Riley Medlock JD. Vermont Journal of Environmental Law, Vol. 9, 2008.
Law Review Article on the National Flood Insurance Program and the concept of No  Adverse Impact Floodplain Management.  Located at:

H)   No Adverse Impact and The Courts: Protecting the Property Rights of All.  Authors: Dr. John Kusler Esq. and Edward A. Thomas Esq., Edition of November 2007 located at:

I)      A Perfect Storm of Opportunities to Establish and Fund a Program to Reduce Misery and Protect Water Resources.Author: Edward A. Thomas Esq., in Louisiana Coastal Law, Vol. 89, April 2008.

Article for the Louisiana State University, Sea Grant Law and Policy Program, which discusses why we should develop a unified program to treat water as a precious resource. Located at:

I) “Significant Nexus” and Clean Water Act Jurisdiction. Authors: Jon Kusler Esq., PhD, Patrick Parenteau, Esq., and Edward A. Thomas Esq. Discussion paper for the Association of State Wetland Managers, March 2007.  Located at:

J)A California Challenge Flooding in the Central Valley: A Report From An Independent Review Panel to the Department of Water Resources, State of California.  Authors: Gerald Galloway, Edward A. Thomas, et al. Located at:

K) Liability for Water Control Structure Failure Due to Flooding.Author: Edward A. Thomas, Esq., Association of State Floodplain Managers, 2006.  Located at: 

L) Failed Dams and Levees: Examining Engineering Liability.

PowerPoint for a Web-Cast for American Council of Engineering Companies May 2007.  Located at:

M)Brochure Titled: Property Rights and Community Development: A Legal Framework for Managing Watershed Development, an ASFPM staff developed document based on materials developed by Wes Shaw and Edward A. Thomas Esq., and others for the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Agency’s StormSmart Coasts Program.  Available at:

N) Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Agency Storm Smart Coasts Materials, a series of brochures developed based on materials developed by Wes Shaw and Edward A. Thomas Esq., and many others:

1.) StormSmart Coasts Fact Sheet 1, Introduction to No Adverse Impact (NAI) Land Management in the Coastal Zone, available at:

2.) StormSmart Coasts Fact Sheet 2, No Adverse Impact and the Legal Framework of Coastal Management, available at:

3.) StormSmart Coasts Fact Sheet 3, A Cape Cod Community Prevents New Residences in Floodplains available at:

O) Major Court Decision with implications for Climate Adaptation, Hazard Mitigation and a Safer and More Just Future. (2015) [pdf] orWord document