Hide From the Wind: Tornado Safe Rooms in Central Oklahoma

This report is well worth reading, not just with respect to safe rooms, but also for the implications for the methods, which must be used to induce similar changes in both risk perception and individual and community action to deal with foreseeable natural events.

We plan on adding additional materials including a case study of an individual family’s decision to protect themselves with a safe room, using a solicitous gift from their parents.

Others in Oklahoma are financing safe rooms through a zero interest loan through a community caring based program managed by the Oklahoma Central Credit Union. We also have been told about lenders in the area advertising low cost loans for safe room construction. This sort of unified message (you need a safe room- we will show you how to finance it) delivered through multiple respected sources has led to enormous ongoing change in risk perception and protective actions, as Dr. Dennis Mileti hypothesized in his work on techniques to change attitudes and induce safer behavior.

– NHMA President, Ed Thomas, Esq.

This report is in draft form.  Comments/questions are welcomed; please contact us at nathazma@gmail.com

Hide From the Wind: Tornado Safe Rooms in Central Oklahoma (.pdf)

Hide from the Wind - Draft

Hide from the Wind – Draft