WEBINARS FOR December 2012

  • December 18, 2012, the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) and the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association (NHMA) held a webinar entitled “Bridging the Gap Between Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation”.  The webinar featured an expert panel that identified overlaps and helped bridge gaps between the hazard mitigation and climate adaptation communities of practice to foster resilient, equitable, healthy and prosperous communities.
    • Steve Winkelman, Director of Transportation and Adaptation Programs at CCAP, discussed climate adaptation practice and capacity-building needs, and helped us visualize climate resilience and understand its economic benefits.
    • Ed Thomas, President of NHMA, discussed the hazard mitigation practice, spoke on integrating/coordinating with existing planning processes, and stressed the importance of collaboration.
    • Ryan Towell, Project Manager at Dewberry, highlighted states and communities that are integrating hazard mitigation and climate adaptation, discussing how no regrets actions can be attractive to multiple stakeholders.
    • Of the 135 participants, 63% identified themselves as climate adaptation professionals, 40% identified themselves as hazard mitigation professionals, 24% indicated both, and 21% indicated another profession.
    • Roughly half of the participants shared their requests for future webinars on best practices/visualizing solutions (84%), costs and benefits of hazard mitigation and adaptation measures (82%), and policy needs and opportunities (76%).
 Slides and a recording have been posted, and we plan to continue the conversation through future webinars.  View full recording.  The webinar was also covered by ClimateWire.

Understanding the Arkansas Game and Fish Case and the Importance of that Case to Protecting Floodplains and Wetlands
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