NOTE: Patchwork Quilt is awaiting a post- Sandy initiatives and post ESF-14 update; as well as a rewrite to cover so much of the recent activity in climate adaptation and hazard mitigation. Additional material on a “Whole Community” approach to resilience, additional references to the organizations involved in resilience activities as documented in the Dr. Donald Watson White Paper, “Organizations Addressing Resilience and Sustainability (OARS),” a discussion of the NHMA approach to successful negotiations, the President’s Climate Change Executive Order, as well as infrastructure related resilience as is being promoted by the Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) shall all be included. Additional materials on positioning government, businesses, non-profits and individuals to be prepared for disasters, including readiness to take every advantage of all programs available to promote individual and community resilience, both pre and post disaster also shall be included. Jo Ann Howard of H2O Partners has developed some truly excellent materials for ABA on pre & post disaster preparedness. These materials shall likewise be incorporated.  NHMA is currently seeking funding for this update. Please consider donating here.

Meanwhile this is the best material available, so far as we know.

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Patchwork Quilt Approach