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Membership Levels

Effective October 1, 2021
  • Student – $15
  • Retiree – $15
  • Professional – $75
  • Institutional – $250
  • Corporate – $500

Member Benefits:

  • Membership access to opportunities to engage National, Regional and Local Forums with an emphasis on Grass Roots Partnerships and Initiatives
  • Have your voice heard through NHMA, NEMA, FEMA, and Partnership Newsletters
  • Direct Email blasts highlighting real time updates in public policy, key
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Programs and Mitigation Initiatives
  • Membership opportunities to actively participate in your specific areas of interest with other like-minded NHMA members and partners
  • Discounted Fees for Key events, webinars, and workshops, as well as Discounts on Publications of interest to our professional genre’.
  • A new series of webinars, workshops, research projects, and training sessions focused on “Practical Community Resilience” and Disaster Risk Reduction and Research Project opportunities
  • Unequalled access to peer-to-peer engagement and mentoring opportunities with nationally recognized leaders in community resilience, natural hazard mitigation, and risk reduction
  • Opportunities to contribute to National Policy advisory and advocacy boards and committees
  • Join the growing Resilient Neighbors Network (RNN) and engage local leaders and planners
  • Complete access to the NHMA Disaster Risk Reduction Curriculum and planned Credentialling Initiatives, and opportunities to deliver the curriculum personally across other sectors and agencies.