NHMA: an association for those in the hazard mitigation profession.

NHMA has a membership which represents a diverse group of practitioners, academics, government officials, and students. Membership covers most of the United States and includes several international members as well. Click here to see a map of the locations of our current members.

NHMA is organized as a Non-Profit Corporation under Louisiana State Law and has a  fifteen-member Board.

NHMA offers Practitioners Workshops, bringing NHMA experience and expertise to assist your organization, community or region with mitigation planning, training, outreach and implementation.  More information about Workshops.

For more information on our organization, please see our BylawsDocumentation Retention/Destruction Policy, and Articles of Incorporation. Also available: Questions and Answers about NHMA  [pdf]

The Need for the NHMA

Natural hazard mitigation is a new field in name only. Professionals from a wide variety of disciplines have been practicing hazard mitigation for decades—emergency managers working with architects and city planners to update building codes for disaster-resistant construction, civil engineers working with local officials to design flood-resistant urban drainage systems, foresters working with state officials to enact more effective prescribed burning practices, etc. However, until recently, natural hazard mitigation has taken place as pieces scattered within the daily duties of diverse professions—a cross-disciplinary effort recognized as vitally important to protect the safety of individuals and communities, but often not considered a separate field or discipline.

The crucial importance of natural hazard mitigation, however, requires a more coherent approach, with readily-available and consistent technical information and training, formal and informal discourse among hazard mitigation professionals, a greater public awareness of the social components of hazard mitigation, and the recognition of hazard mitigation as a profession in its own right.

To this end, the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association (NHMA) was formed in 2008 by a diverse group of professionals from all aspects of the hazard mitigation field. We are always seeking new members who share our enthusiasm and dedication to the goals and objectives described above. If you are interested in joining us to further the professionalism, collaborative efforts, efficacy, and influence of natural hazard mitigation in both the public and private spheres, please download our membership form and don’t hesitate to contact us at nathazma@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

The mission of NHMA is to be a catalyst for societal change by elevating the value of hazard mitigation so that natural hazards do not cause disasters, and suffering and misery to people, property, the environment, and taxpayers. We promote education, policies, and activities that mitigate current and future losses, costs, and human suffering unnecessarily caused by unwise development practices without regard to natural hazards.

Partnership Goals:

NHMA works with other associations, groups, and organizations to form collaborative partnerships that can help foster and advance natural hazard mitigation.

Partnership Objectives:

  • NHMA will identify partnership opportunities and relevant groups. Please see the NHMA partnership webpage for more information.
  • NHMA will reach out to other hazard mitigation practitioners and relevant groups to work toward the advancement of hazard mitigation
  • NHMA will work effectively within all established collaborative alliance and partnership opportunities